Tin sand foundry
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Tin sand foundry

We are also specialised and highly competent in the craftsmanship of tin sand foundry, which allows us to produce small production series (maximum 100 parts), of almost pure tin (99%).
We produce decorative objects or miniature car reproductions (scale 1:18 and 1:10) for several brands of vehicles.

Production Steps

Tin sand foundry implies four production steps:

  • Tooling: Mould manufacturing
  • Foundry process
  • Finishing operations
  • Decorations

We provide a complete service for the production of your parts, however, the choice is yours! We can for example also provide you with the raw product only and you apply your own finishing and decoration.

We will either provide you with the raw product or apply the following finishing operations upon request:

  • Welding. The different components are assembled into the finished product.
  • Chasing. A true artist, the goldsmith, carves the tin to give it its final decor.
  • Polishing. Tin being a soft metal, polishing is carefully done by hand.

If you wish a dull appearance for your object, we will apply a black patina. This patina is applied with a paintbrush or by means of a dip-bath.